Ambisonics - Third order 16 channel recordings in ambiX order converted in browser for binaural playback.

We are a team of 3, People Bo-Erik Sandholm,Stefan Schreiber and Roger Sandholm joined in an effort to create a standard for a media format and a reference implementation of HOA ambisonics playback with head tracking in browsers on the majority of platforms.

We use AAC or Opus encoded media, also Wav, flac or any other multichannel codec your browser support works.
First and second order Ambisonics can also be rendered to Binaural in several examples.
Verified to work with Firefox and Chrome - Media is encoded as 16 channels, split in 2 segments if the encoder/decoder chain makes in necessary.

This website is a companion to [Github OHTI] an effort to create an open headtrack hardware and HTML5 player for playback of HOA Ambisonics in a browser.
[ OHTI OSC Gateway ] Win10,OSX,Linux software for OSC to websocket for headtracking on this site!

If you cannot get the example to play the music, please restart the session at http://www.ohti.xyz

To find the menu for player control with selection of examples to play on "blue pages" select the Top Left icon

This Alpha release of OHTI Rev 2 use Omnitone as Ambisonic binaural renderer