Ambisonics - Mixed order Ambix upto Third order 16 channel recordings can be played in a browser for binaural listening.

We are a team of 3, People Bo-Erik Sandholm,Stefan Schreiber and Roger Sandholm joined in an effort to create a standard for a media format and a reference implementation of HOA ambisonics playback with head tracking in browsers on the majority of platforms.

We have AAC or Opus encoded media, also Wav, flac or any other multichannel codec your browser support works.
First and second order Ambisonics can also be rendered to Binaural in several examples.
Verified to work with Firefox and Chrome - Media is encoded as Ambix in 4,6,8,9 or 16 channels in ACN and SN3D, split in 2 segments if the encoder/decoder(JSAmbisonix example) chain makes in necessary.

The most recent activity have been to explore the possibilities of Ambix mixed order AAC encoded in 8 or 6 channels for playback in browsers on most of the available web platforms. We want to allow you to listen to the difference between original Omnitone and Omnitone with MagLS rendering filters.
The MagLS filters are borrowed from IEM plug-in suite. We resampled the Impulse responses in Reaper and used the best resampling algoritm available to 48kHz,
The resulting impulse responses was then converted to the same encoded format as the original IRs and we replaced/edited them into the omnitone javascript code ( as a quick and dirty action).
This allows you to do a direct comparison of the decoding filters.

This release of OHTI Rev 2 use the 2 versions of Omnitone as Ambisonic binaural renderer.

ffmpeg 4 was used with fdklib to encode 6 and 8 channels in several mixed order versions of the TOA examples in the third player below.
Too much time was spent to understand how to encode 6 and 8 channels without LFE filters :-),ffmpeg commands will be published.

The OHTI Rev 2 player has a channel routing matrix for mixed order routing, buttons to change to the orders we have encoded. Manual editing is possible in the matrix.
Incoming channel numbers is per line, horisontal position numbers is the output channels to the decoder.

If you cannot get the example to play the music, please restart the session at https://www.ohti.xyz